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First, I have this great shop. You can see it here http://zibbet.com/alittlegeeky

I'm also artist, crafter and more importantly a designer. Design graduate from one of the top Fine art colleges, I worked as a professional designer for years then settled down to do what I really love, craft. I've been sewing and making jewelry most of my life, but in my own stores for nearly 10 years, selling on many venues.

My designs are all original, even the "inspired" designs. Although not always possible, I love to recycle. I do it whenever I can. I also design my own fabric used in some items.

I buy handmade and vintage from artists and craftspersons. I will never buy the mass produced factory items that pose as handmade. I know who you are. If I buy those, I will buy from a retailer that doesn't pretend they're something they aren't

And yes, I'm a little geeky. Always have been, always will be.

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Welcome to A Little Geeky. Your place for Geeky Aprons and Accessories

Welcome to My Shop A Little Geeky - a fun place for Aprons and Home Accessories. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for completion possibly sooner.